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Exercise with ergonomic office chairs by Hire-it !



How have you all been? All this time of home staying must have been pretty exhausting and draining! These days when most of us have been given the responsibility of working from homes, we all usually just sit in one place and continuously stare at those digital screens for work. Being able to manage a healthy lifestyle these days has been a little difficult due to the lethargic behavior that most of us must have gained during this time or because any other personal reason that you may have…wait! Can we call it ’excuses’ too?                                                           

Exercise has always been an important part of our lives whether we practice it regularly our not! In order to stay a little more more healthy and fit why not make it a much more uninvolved or undemanding act practiced on a regular basis?  Ever thought of working out or doing simple exercises while working? Why not? Personally this would make the office work much more interesting and also beneficial for our health.

 Imagine reducing your leg fat while working and all you would require is some basic furniture such as a table and a chairInstead of letting your legs relax freely you can sit and then do some exercises with your legs without disturbing your work schedule while sitting on the chair itself - THE CHAIR BASED EXERCISES. Such exercises are biennial for individuals with chronic pains leading to restrictive body movements, mobility issues and so on. Also it would allow those with mobility or balance issues to exercise and alleviates pressure from the lower body for those who are in pain. There are also standing exercises that use a chair as a supportive device. 

There are a wide variety of exercises that an individual can do on chairs, some are mentioned below for your help:-


- Jumping  jacks

- High knees

- Spiky ball foot massage


- Bicep curls

- Leg lifts


- Reach for the sky    (While seated tall, reach both arms high up above the head. Hold for ten seconds, then extend the right hand higher before extending the left hand higher.)

- Neck stretch

- Twist

Benefits of chair based exercises compared to other forms of physical activities :

Chairs based exercises have many of same benefits as other forms of physical activities have including common cardiovascular exercise routines and also various muscle strengthening programs. These activities have a super plus point that while your lower body does the basic work out, you can continue to do your office work. For those who have serious back pains and cannot do heavy exercises should surely start with some of these in order to decrease the degree of pains and further improve the physical health.

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