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Is it so difficult to provide our farmers with minimum support price ? Is it fair to provide such injustice to their profession ?


The farm laws enacted by the government in September this year have truly shaken the farmers. Recently the farmers are peacefully protesting against the laws that have been enacted and are demanding their rights. It has been about two month since they are protesting in Haryana and Punjab but now they have thought of getting their rights as now they are approaching towards Delhi as the capital of the country and are demanding to be heard in the Supreme Court but they are being stopped by the police. This protest has been named as “chalo delhi”. The police on the borders are using various security measures to stop the farmers from creating a mess in the capital and are therefore utilizing barricades, life jackets, and also have set  various prohibited area marked by chains and so on. They are being attacked by water cannons in such low temperatures, also with the lathis and tear gas to push back the farmers by the Delhi police and even after facing this some of the policemen are being fed water and food by those farmers itself. Such a shame!.All the borders of Delhi are being captured by the farmers in large numbers and the movements of locals is bang restricted by the farmers itself as now they have declared that until they will be hears they will keep on protesting, interfering in the livers of locals and would only allow the ambulances to pass through the borders.

The laws enacted by the government are as follows:
Speaking about the Bills, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar said that the government under Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has taken several landmark decisions in last six years to make sure that farmers get remunerative prices for his or her produce, and for raising farmers’ incomes and livelihood status. He again clarified that the procurement at Minimum Support Price will continue, assurance for this has been given by Hon’ble Prime Minister himself, rate of MSP has been increased considerably during 2014-2020 and MSP for coming Rabi season are going to be announced in coming week. The Union Agriculture Minister said that full protection has been ensured to farmers in these legislations.
The farmers are demanding reforms in these laws as they believe that that these laws will open agricultural sale and marketing outside the notified Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) mantis for farmers, remove the barriers to interstate trade, and provide a framework for electric trading of agricultural products. Since the governments of different states will not be able to collect the market fee cuss or levy for trade outside the AMPC markets, farmers believe that the laws will gradually end the Mandi system and leave farmers at the mercy of corporate. It is also a fact that the farmers think that dismantling the mandi system will bring an end to the assured procedure net of their crops and msp (minimum support price). Similarly they also have a thought that the price assurance legislation may offer protection to farmers against the price exploitation but will not prescribe the system for fixation.
The only thing that farmers right now are demanding is the minimum support price guaranteed in written which has been by far only guaranteed verbally. Or else the free hand given to private sector corporate houses will exploit the small and the large scale farmers.
These bills also threaten the livelihood of the businessmen who have their set up in mandi.
Personally the farmers should be given some surety of the minimum support that they have got until now which is now in danger. The profession of farmer in India is now in stake as in those who feed the whole country are finding it difficult to fulfill the stomachs of their families. It is now just being hoped that they will be heard and their demands would be fulfilled as they aren’t demanding much from their profession.
As we have all seen the news these days the way the farmers are being treated is so harsh and yet they decided not to give up. That is the spirit that are farmers hold up so it becomes our duty now to support them with the best way we can. #wearewithfarmers #farmersprotest #chalodelhi #notofarmbills


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