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Smartivity EDGE Jungle safari

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Add a whole new dimension of Augmented Reality technology to your child's favourite colouring activity! We have reimagined traditional colouring activity by adding a whole new dimension of Augmented Reality technology. Now, your child can colour and bring the illustrations on colouring sheets to life. Smartivity's proprietary technology brings a dazzling, interactive 3D experience to your child! Now, they can not only enhance their analytical skills by learning about the characters through digital games and interactive animations.
A cool, innovative gift for young ones of ages 3 years and above, the Smartivity Jungle Safari Augmented Reality colouring activity set includes 6 (six) colouring sheets featuring various dinosaurs from the Jungle . Smartivity EDGE colouring sheets are designed to unleash imagination and inspire wonder. Kids can colour their colouring sheet in the colours of their choice. Smartivity EDGE has developed in-house image processing and colour recognition technologies that ensure that the picture they have coloured comes to life in the colours they have filled. When the coloured sheet is scanned using an app installed on a tablet or a smartphone, the animals come alive on the screen in full-3D. SMARTIVITY EDGE incorporates the guiding philosophy of “Smarter Learning” and incorporates numerous interactive learning games and activities that enrich the Augmented Reality experience and impart learning.

FREE Android and iOS Augmented Reality App + 6 Augmented Reality Colouring Sheets (Lion | Elephant | Gazelle | Giraffe | Rhino | Hippo)Characters come to life in the exact same colours as used by child with Smartivity's Proprietory Colour and Texture Recognition Technology

Includes educational games, quizzes (digital) and interactive features for Smarter Learning.Skills Developed: Analytical Skills, Creativity, Motor Skills, Practical Skills

Colour, Scan and Play with Augmented Reality characters.Includes 6 Augmented Reality enabled Colouring Sheets (Lion | Elephant | Gazelle | Giraffe | Rhino | Hippo)

Best S.T.E.M. Educational Gift for Young Minds