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Smartivity EDGE Marine Marvels Puzzle

Rs. 299

We have reimagined traditional puzzle solving activity by adding a whole new dimension of Augmented Reality technology. Now, your child can solve jigsaw puzzles and bring the illustrations on puzzles to life. Smartivity's proprietary technology brings a dazzling, interactive 3D experience to your child! Now, they can not only enhance their analytical skills by solving jigsaw puzzles but also learn about the characters through digital games and interactive animations.

A cool, innovative gift for young ones of ages 5 years and above., Smartivity EDGE Aquatic Amigos Puzzle pack includes two 60-pieces puzzles - a Shark puzzle and a Sea-Turtle puzzle in spectacular underwater setting. The puzzles add a whole new augmented reality dimension to traditional puzzle solving activity. The experience is designed to challenge and thrill children.

On assembling the puzzle, children can scan the puzzle with the FREE Smartivity EDGE app and extend the engagement to the digital platform. On the app, children can see the character come to life in 3D, interact with the character, learn about the setting of the puzzle and play games that inform, educate and are fun. Smartivity is the pioneer of Augmented Reality activities for children and with Smartivity EDGE puzzle packs, Smartivity combines the magic and wonder of this latest learning technology with traditional activities that children have been indulging in.

FREE Android and iOS Augmented Reality App.

Jigsaw Puzzles: 2 | No. of Pieces: 60 each

Featuring: Sea-Turtle + Shark

For Ages: 5 years and older

Skills Developed: Analytical Skills, Creativity, Motor Skills, Practical Skills

Solve, Scan and Play with Augmented Reality characters.Includes 2 Augmented Reality enabled Jigsaw Puzzles of 60 pieces each. Access to Free Augmented Reality App

FREE APP (Android and iOS) included

Best S.T.E.M. Educational Gift for Young Minds